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Natural 3ea | 6pc. 16 w. fresh lime
Nam jim 3.5ea I 6pc. 18 Thai style chilli garlic sauce
Crispy chicken gua bao 6ea | 3pc. 16 w. candied chilli
Cheeseburger gua bao 6ea | 3pc. 16 w. slow cooked beef & Asian pickles
Grilled cucumber gua bao 6ea | 3pc. 16 w. hoisin & fried shallots
BBQ pork traditional bao 5ea | 3pc. 14
Vege traditional bao 5ea | 3pc. 14 w. cabbage & carrot
Zucchini 13 w. pickled carrot, toasted quinoa & chilli lime dressing
Korean noodle 14 w. soba noodles, carrot, cabbage & gochujang dressing
Coconut & wombok 13 w. pickled papaya, lime & coconut dressing
Asian leafy 13 w. capsicum, cucumber, rice noodles & peanut nam jim
[ Add chicken 7 | Add crispy tofu 7 ]
Soy braised potatoes 9 w. sweet onions
Steamer basket 8 w. bok choy, choy sum, wombok, broccolini & shiitake mushroom
Buy the chef a beer 5
Shoe string fries 8 w. chilli salt & green chilli aioli
Steamed rice Sml. 5 | Med. 9 | Lg. 12
Add a little something extra
Wakame 3
Kimchi 4
Chilli nuts 3.5
Roti bread 6
Amino seeds 3
Fresh red chilli 3
Pickled ghost chillies 5
Peanut nam jim 2
Lumpia 4pc. 15 Filipino spring rolls of tofu, black bean and shiitake mushroom w. sriracha vinegar
King prawns 3pc. 20 coated in crispy green rice flakes w. green chilli aioli & nam jim salad
Sweet & spicy chicken wings 16 w. toasted sesame seeds & spring onion
Crying tiger beef 18 Slow roasted beef sirloin w. fiery crying tiger sauce & crispy shallots
DIY Chinese pancakes 19 w. pork or vege mix, green peppercorns, lettuce, carrot & guindillas
Wasabi fried squid 16 w. shiso, wakame & pickled ginger salad
Steamed broccolini 15 w. amino seeds & sesame lime veganaise
Kaffir lime & ginger cured salmon 16 w. pickled lime zest & green nam jim
Steamed mussels & clams 20 w. Tom Yum broth, bean sprouts & coriander
Chicken rendang curry 34 w. green beans, capsicum & Thai basil
Five-spice roast duck 39 w. cucumber & goji berry salad
Korean barbequed chicken 36 w. kimchi & cucumber salad
Master stock pork hock 40 w. Asian cress salad & spicy sesame vinaigrette
Thai style yellow curry 33 w. tofu, pumpkin & chickpea
[ Add barramundi 3 ]
Steamed pandan traditional custard buns 3pc. 14
Mango & kaffir lime curd tarts 3pc. 15
Blood orange sorbet 12
Squashed chocolate & star anise soufflé 14 w. coconut ice cream & chilli chocolate sauce
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