Our Cocktail Ninja Shares Their FAV NEW COCKTAIL!

New Cocktails at Wah Bah Geelong


Inclusion and diversity. It’s the theme of our NEW cocktail menu at Wah Wah Gee and Bah. We’ve interviewed our Cocktail Ninja Mia to give you the low-down on her fav new cocktail from the menu!

So what’s your fav new cocktail off the menu?

Oh it’s hard but would have to be the Paper Crane.

Fill us in! What’s it all about? 

The Paper crane can symbolise success and good fortune and that’s just how we feel about our fantastic fav new cocktail. The Paper Crane incorporates ingredients and flavours with Asian origins that pair perfectly with our yummy Asian fusion menu.

What does it look and taste like?

Presentation is everything and our Paper Crane cocktail is definitely Insta worthy! Featuring an origami crane floating on a dehydrated lime, I love the Paper Crane because it is the perfect blend of sweet and sour flavours.

It is is made with vodka and a lychee liqueur; a tropical fruit found predominantly in Southern China. Our Paper Crane cocktail is also fused with flavours of cranberry, pineapple and a touch of lime. The best element of our Paper Crane cocktail is our use of Aquafaba. Aquafaba is an all-natural, plant-based egg white alternative that we use, making our cocktail 100% vegan. 

When can we get our hands on this NEW cocktail?

From November just in time for Summer! It will be the perfect way to cool down on those summer nights – imagine indulging on one of these as you watch the sun set over the Geelong city skyline by the bay! Too good!


You heard it here folks, there’s plenty to love from our NEW cocktail AND food menu! Book a table here to come down and check it out for yourself!

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