Wah Wah Gee Asian Fusion on the Geelong Waterfront
Wah Wah Gee Asian Fusion on the Geelong Waterfront

Wah Bah Menu

Geelong’s only Bao Bun Bar! Featuring a dedicated Bao Bun Menu, whoop whoop!

If you fancy something more substantial, feel free to dine in our full restaurant Wah Wah Gee downstairs and venture upstairs to us for a drink or seven after. See you at the Bah!

Our menu changes often, so please use the below menu as an indication of the of the types of dishes you may find when dining.

Wah Wah Gee Asian Fusion on the Geelong Waterfront
Tomato, mozzarella and mixed leaf salad 8 Slow dried cherry tomatoes, crisp red onion, basil marinated mozzarella and balsamic emulsion [vg +dfo]
Ceas-wah 8 Broccolini, cos lettuce, bacon lardons and roti crisps with caesar dressing (vo + gfo)
Roasted Vegetable 8 Xerez vinegar roasted beetroot, garlic roasted pumpkin and crispy kale with caper jam (vg + gf + df)
Bah Bites
Chips 7 with homemade chicken salt [v]
Sweet potato wedges [v] 7 with maple glaze (vg)
Soy braised crispy mushrooms 9 with blue cheese sauce (v,gf+vgo)
Kfc: Korean fried cauliflower 9 with veganaise sauce (vg)
Nacho cheese bites 9 with tomato compote [v+vgo]
Broccolini pakora 9 with satay aioli (gf+v+dfo)
Take a dip - 2.0 ech
Burger sauce [v+df]
Guacamole [v+df]
Balsamic emulsion [v+df]
Bluecheese sauce [v]
Tartare sauce [v+df]
Tomato compote [v + df]
Korean veganaise [vg]
Classic Bao | 3pc. 16
Parmi Fried chicken piece with Napoli sauce, cheese and gem lettuce [gfo]
Burger Burger pattie with burger sauce, lettuce, cheese, tomato and crisp red onion [gfo]
Fish Finger Fried fish goujon with tartare sauce and crushed peas
Nacho Cheese fritter crumbed in nacho’s with tomato compote, guacamole, cos lettuce and guindillas [v]
Wah Bao | 3pc. 16
Crispy Chicken Crispy chicken pieces with candied chilli, lettuce and sriracha mayo [gfo]
Broccolini Pakora w. satay aioli [gfo+vgo+v]
Mushroom Soy braised crispy mushroom with rocket, red onion marmalade and blue cheese sauce [gfo+vgo+v]
Spiced Pulled Pork Pulled pork w. minted cucumber and spring onions
Wah tah mess 9 Rippled meringues with lemon cream, berries and raspberry sorbet [v+gf]
Mini cinnamon doughnuts 14 chocolate sauce & berry compote
Mango sorbet (vg+df+gf) 9
Chocolate mousse 14 chilli honeycomb (v)
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