Wah Wah Gee Asian Fusion on the Geelong Waterfront
Wah Wah Gee Asian Fusion on the Geelong Waterfront

Wah Bah Menu

Geelong’s only Bao Bun Bar! Featuring a dedicated Bao Bun Menu, whoop whoop!

If you fancy something more substantial, feel free to dine in our full restaurant Wah Wah Gee downstairs and venture upstairs to us for a drink or seven after. See you at the Bah!

Our menu changes often, so please use the below menu as an indication of the of the types of dishes you may find when dining.

Wah Wah Gee Asian Fusion on the Geelong Waterfront
Vegetable & glass noodle spring rolls 2pc 11 w. Plum sauce [df, v vg]
Chips 9 w. Sriracha vegenaise or tomato sauce [gf, df, ofo, garfo, vg, nf + sf] 🌶️
Sweet potato fries 10 w. Sriracha vegenaise 🌶️
Wahs leafy salad 12 w. Fresh seasonal salad vegetables, leaves, Vietnamese dressing [gf, df, of, garf, vg, ng + sf]
Poke on the side 12 | 7 Poke salad w. dressing | add: chicken, pork, tempeh
Sorbet 9
Mini cinamon donuts 14 w. Chilli chocolate sauce
Choc top 16 w. Vanilla ice-cream, ice magic & baileys with choice of mint or caramel
Affogato 14 w. Vanilla ice-cream, fresh Locale coffee & your choice of baileys, kahlua/frangelico
Crispy chicken 3pc 18 w. Candied chilli, lettuce & sriracha vegenaise [gfo, nf + sf] 🌶️🌶️
Pork teriyaki 3pc 18 w, Apple chilli jam & rocket [df, of, garf, nf + sf] 🌶️
Chicken parmi 3pc 18 w. Napoli sauce, lettuce, sliced tomato & cheese [gfo, nf, ofo + garfo]
Chilli tofu 3pc 16 w. Nam jim sauce, rocket leaves & fresh cucumber [gfo, df, vg, v, nf + sf] 🌶️
Nacho cheese 3pc 18 w. Napoli sauce & guacamole [ofo, garfo, nf, sf + v] 🌶️
Fried Fish 3pc 18 w. coriander tartare [gfo, garf, of, nf]
3 FOR $30 OR $12 EACH
Salt & pepper squid w. Sweet chilli sauce [gf, df, of + garf] 🌶️
Nacho cheese bites 🌶️ w. Tomato salsa [v, sf, ofo + garfo]
Chilli tofu w. Nam jim sauce & rocket salad [df, v, vg, nf, sf +gf]
Korean fried cauliflower w. Korean vegenaise [gf, df, of, garf, vg, nf + sf]
Thai fish cakes w. Avocado salsa [gf, df, of + nf]
Popcorn Chicken w. Sriracha sauce [nf + sf] 🌶️🌶️
[v] vegetarian | [vg] vegan | [df] dairy free | [gf] gluten free | [nf] nut free | [sf] shellfish free | [of] onion free | [garf] garlic free |[o] optional
Please note a 15% surcharge applies on public holidays
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