Wah Wah Gee Menu

Wah Wah Gee boasts an extensive menu of Asian fusion dishes paired with delicious cocktails. Can’t decide? Just say FEED ME! Choose your theme and budget and we’ll sort out the rest. It’s the perfect way to sample our fav dishes and leaves the ordering up to us, so you can focus on the company and the conversation!

Got some dietary requirements? Never fear – we’ve got Gluten Free, Onion and Garlic Free, Diary Free , Vegan and of course Vegetarian menus in house! Just ask our friendly staff when you arrive.

Roti bread w. chilli & caraway seed hummus 9
Chilli roasted chickpeas 5
Kimchi 4
Chilli nuts 4
Amino seeds 3
Edamame 5
Wakame 3
Shoe string fries 8 w. chilli salt and kimchi aioli
Pickled ghost chillies 5
Crispy chicken 3pc. 16 w. candied chilli
Slow cooked pork 3pc. 16 w. kimchi aioli & pickled daikon
Crispy eggplant 3pc. 16 w. kimchi & spring onion
BBQ pork traditional bao 3pc. 14
Vege traditional bao 3pc. 14 w. cabbage & carrot
Pork & waterchestnut 4pc. 16 | 6pc. 22 w. pork crackling & garlic lime dressing
Vegetable 4pc. 16 | 6pc. 22 w. amino seeds & black vinegar dressing
Slaw 13 w. sesame chilli vinegar & toasted salted peanuts
Cos & cucumber 13 w. Thai basil, goji berries, lotus roots, sprouts & spring onion dressing
Coconut & pomelo 13 w. pickled chilli, shallots & coconut lime dressing
Seeds and grains 13 Chilli roasted chickpea and cous cous salad w. pickled fennel, spring onions & amino seeds
[ Add Crispy Chicken +6 | Add crispy tofu +6 | Add salmon +6 | Add beef tataki +6 | Add prawns +6]
Maple soy glazed roast chats 9 w. spring onions
Steamer basket 9 w. bok choy, choy sum, wombok, broccolini & shiitake mushroom
Buy the chef a beer 5
Shoe string fries 8 w. chilli salt & kimchi aioli
Steamed rice Med. 6.5 | Lge. 8.5
Spring rolls 4pc. 16 roast sweet potato, sesame & ginger
Crab & lemongrass croquettes 4pc. 20 w. gochujang dipping sauce
Asian hot wings 16 w. toasted coconut & coriander
Beef tataki 18 w. ponzu dressing, flying fish roe & shiso
KFC – Korean fried cauliflower 15 w. Korean veganaise & lime
Wakame & pepper fried squid 16 w. shiso, wakame, pickled ginger salad & soy lime mayo
Steamed broccolini 15 w. amino seeds & sesame veganaise
Kaffir lime & ginger cured salmon 16 w. pickled fennel & green chilli jam
Mussels & clams 20 w. shallots, chilli, coconut & Vietnamese mint
Crystal Bay Prawns 8pc. 20 w. sriracha mayo
Pork jungle curry 34 w. shitake mushroom & bok choy
Sticky lamb shanks 36 w. wilted choy sum & chilli
Honey, ginger & molasses roast duck 39 w. enoki mushroom, carrot & sprout salad
Korean barbequed chicken 36 w. kimchi & cucumber salad
Thai style green curry 26 w. noodles, green beans, capsicum & fresh herbs
+ your choice of barramundi, prawns, chicken [ +6 ]
Fried mixed berry & chilli jam bao 3pc. 14
Lychee & coconut milk pudding 15 w. toasted coconut & chia seed granola
Mango sorbet 12
Chocolate & 5 spice brownie 14 w. passionfruit sorbet
Please note: there is a 15% surcharge on all public holidays
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