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Wah Wah Gee Asian Fusion on the Geelong Waterfront
Wah Wah Gee Asian Fusion on the Geelong Waterfront

Wah Wah Gee Menu

Wah Wah Gee boasts an extensive menu of Asian fusion dishes paired with delicious cocktails. Can’t decide? Just say FEED ME! Choose your theme and we’ll sort out the rest for $55 per person or $60 per person with dessert! It’s the perfect way to sample our fav dishes and leaves the ordering up to us, so you can focus on the conversation!

Got some dietary requirements? Never fear – we’ve got Gluten Free, Onion & Garlic Free, Dairy Free, Vegan and Vegetarian menus in house! Just ask our friendly staff when you arrive.

Wah Wah Gee Asian Fusion on the Geelong Waterfront
Edamame 8 w. Sea salt flakes
Roti Bread 9 w. Coconut yoghurt, mint & cumin
Oysters 3pc 13 | 6pc 22 w. Lime & homemade sweet chilli sauce
Crispy chicken 3pc 18 w. Candied chilli, lettuce & sriracha vegenaise 🌶️🌶️
Pork teriyaki 3pc 18 w. Apple chilli jam & rocket 🌶️
Chilli Tofu 3pc 16 w. Nam jim sauce, rocket leaves & fresh cucumber 🌶️
Pork & waterchestnut 4pc 16 w. Chilli, garlic & lime dressing & pineapple 🌶️
Vegetable 4pc 16 w. Malaysian curry sauce 🌶️
Prawn & ginger 4pc 16 w. Tom yum dipping sauce 🌶️🌶️
Vegetable & glass noodle spring rolls 2pc 11 w. Plum sauce
Salt & pepper squid 18 w. Wah sweet chilli sauce
Asian meatballs 15 w. Teriyaki glaze, sesame seeds & spring onion 🌶️
Korean fried cauliflower 16 w. Mint & lime vegenaise
Steamed broccolini 16 w. Vegenaise & nuts
Thai fish cakes 16 w. Avocado salsa
Miso soup 12 w. Spring onion, tofu, carrots, mushrooms, ginger
Korean seafood soup 14 w. Miso, spring onions, sriracha, squid, prawns, fish, lime, chilli
Chilli tofu 18 w. Nam jam sauce & rocket salad 🌶️
Wah poke bowls 22 | 7 w. Carrot, red cabbage, sweet corn, edamame, avocade, beetroot, quinoa & rice | Your choice of the following options: teriyaki chicken, salmon, prawn or crispy tempeh
Roast duck, maple & 5 spice glaze 36 w. DIY pancakes, homemade hoisin, vegetables & spring onion
Xinjiang cumin roasted lamb shanks 35 w. Braised red cabbage & sweet chilli salsa verde
Tempura whiting & sweet potato chips 34 w. Coriander tartare, sesame seeds
Yuzu & orange miso glazed salmon 28 w. Cauliflower puree, crunchy salad
Panko crumbed chicken breast 28 w. Thai curry sauce, crunchy salad 🌶️
Braised beef cheek, Thai red curry 30 w. Shitake mushroom &snowpeas
Khao soi, crispy noodle curry 28 w. Chickpeas, boiled and crispy noodles & spring onion 🌶️🌶️🌶️ | + tofu/prawn/chicken or pork 7
Roti bread 7
Steamed jasmine rice 8 w. Sesame seeds & chives
Sweet potato fries 11 w. Sriracha vegenaise 🌶️
Chips 9 w. Chilli salt & sriracha vegenaise 🌶️
Poke on the side 12 w. Fresh seasonal salad vegetables, leaves, Vietnamese dressing
Vegetable steamer basket & sesame oil 9 w. Asian greens, vegetables, shitake mushrooms
Sorbet 9
Mini cinnamon donuts 14 w. Chilli chocolate sauce
Coconut & star anise panna cotta 14 w. Berry gel, toasted coconut
Choc top 16 w. Vanilla ice-cream, ice magic & baileys with choice of mint or caramel
Affogato 14 w. Vanilla ice-cream, fresh Locale coffee & your choice of baileys/kahlua/frangelico
Please note: there is a 15% surcharge on all public holidays
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COVID-19 Updates & Response

Wah Wah Gee + Bah is committed to the safety of our customers during this time.

Wah Wah Gee will be reopening the restaurant on June 1st and Wah Bah will reopen from June 3rd. We have made the following changes to our restaurants due to COVID-19:

  • All tables will be 1.5 meters apart,
  • There will be sanitisation stations as-well-as
  • A sign-in station when you enter.

Your health and safety is our main priority.

Read our COVID-19 Response here