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Wah Wah Gee Asian Fusion on the Geelong Waterfront
Wah Wah Gee Asian Fusion on the Geelong Waterfront

Wah Wah Gee + Bah Takeaway Menu

Not sure about the current environment? Don’t do without just because you’ve decided to stay in!

You can still order your fav buns hun, with our Takeaway Menu. Simply view our menu below, call us on 5222 6377 from 5.30pm Wednesday – Sunday, pay over the phone and drive up the pier and pick up your order. OR order through UBER EATS or  DELIVEROO. Takeaway is available for dinner from 5.30pm – 8.30pm, Wednesday to Sunday!

A safe and low contact way to still enjoy the finer things in life!

Add a cheeky cocktail, bottle of wine or beer to your order

Feeling like a cheeky lil’ something with your Asian feast? Why not add a delish cocktail jar, a bottle of wine or a beer/cider. Yep we’ve got a takeaway liquor licence so you can still enjoy a few beverages with you meal!

Did we mention our most popular FEED ME’s are now available to take-away too?! Check out all the details, and see what’s included in your at home feast here

Download our Takeaway Drinks Menu
Order through UBER EATS or DELIVEROO

Veg – Vegetarian
DF – Dairy Free
GF – Gluten Free
O+GF – Onion + Garlic Free
V – Vegan
O – added to any of the above is the option to have it free of that ingredients – please notify us when ordering if you would like this option

Wah Wah Gee Asian Fusion on the Geelong Waterfront
Edamame 8 w. Sea salt flakes
Roti Bread 7
Crispy chicken 🌶️ 3pc 18 w. Candied chilli, lettuce & sriracha vegenaise (nf, sf, gfo, dfo, ofo, garfo)
BBQ glazed pork belly 3pc 18 w. Green apple kimchi & pork crackling (df, nf, gfo, ofo, garfo)
Korean fried cauliflower 🌶️ 3pc 16 w. Lettuce & sriracha vegenaise (v, vg, sf, nf, df, gfo)
Pork & chive 🌶️ 5pc 16 w. Marinated pineapple & spicy ponzu sauce (df, nf, sf)
Carrot, pea & shiitake 5pc 16 w. Coconut curry (v, vg, df, sf, nf, ofo, garfo)
Prawn & ginger 🌶️🌶️ 5pc 16 w. Tom yum dipping sauce & chilli (df, nf, ofo, garfo)
Chicken & mushroom 5pc 16 w. Sesame, soya, ginger & rosemary dressing
Vegetable spring rolls 2pc 9 w. plum sauce (v, vg, df, nf, sf)
Korean fried cauliflower 🌶️ 16 w. Sriracha vegenaise (v, vg, df, sf, gf, nf, ofo, garfo)
Popcorn Chicken 14 w. sriracha vegenaise (nf, sf, of, garfo)
Thai green curry w. flat rice noodle 🌶️ 23 w. Bell pepper, snake beans, carrot & broccoli | Add jackfruit 5 / chicken 7 / beef 9 / salmon 11
Massaman curry 🌶️🌶️ 22 Rich & creamy coconut curry w. Potato, mushroom, snake beans, zucchini, shallots & peanuts. Served w. rice | Add chicken 7 / beef 9 / prawns 11
Chips 10 w. Sriracha vegenaise (v, vg, gf, df, nf, sf, of, garfo)
Seasoned potato wedges 12 w. sweet chilli & vegenaise (v, vg, df, nf, sf, ofo, garfo)
Vegetable steamer basket 12 w. Zucchini, corn kernels, carrot, mushroom, broccoli & snake beans
Mini cinnamon donuts 14 w. Mixed berries & chocolate sauce (v, vgo, dfo, of, garf, nf, sf)
Espresso Quarantini 15 Manuka honey vodka, Licor 43, Little Dripper & Coffee liquor
Licor 43 Sour 15 Licor 43 & lemon juice
Tokyo Moon 15 Blue caracao, Pavan & Apple juice
Strawberries & Cream 15 Strawberry liquor, White Chocolate liquor, Coconut milk & lime juice
Garden Mojito 15 Raspberry Gin, Moscato, lime juice & fresh mint
Great Ocean Berry 15 Raspberry Gin, Strawberry liquor, lemon juice & fresh strawberries
All cocktails are equivalent to 2 stand drinks
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